Spiritworld 1 (2007)

Spiritworld 1

Spiritworld 1

This high quality release from Enigma TV examines and exposes the ways in which secret societies and the ruling elite use their knowledge of the spiritworld to control and manipulate the one we live in. They aim for world domination and will use all the tricks and methods available to them to get it.

Featuring David Icke and Chris Everard, Spiritworld looks at shamanism and the earth’s energy field, the spiritual implications of the manufactured 911 disaster, Aleister Crowley, spirit research and the discovery of television, Enocian magic and much more.




4 Responses to “Spiritworld 1 (2007)”

  1. relict Says:

    Paldies par apkopojumu! Daudz noderīgu linku uz filmām.

  2. shibaja Says:

    Is there any chance of a new torrent? Would love to see this.

    Thank you.

  3. Arno Says:

    It is hard to find Chris Everard movies in torrents, try some in http://www.demonoid.ph

  4. shibaja Says:

    Thanks Arno! I got some via demonoid

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