Intolerance – The Trilogy (2000 – 2004)

Intolerance - The Trilogy

Intolerance - The Trilogy

It is a rare artist who can proudly analyse the hopes, fears and anxieties of a civilization in crisis, but Phil Mulloy has achieved this with his brilliantly subversive satire. A prescient and viscerally emotional film, unflinching in its examination of the more sinister motivations of our time.

Intolerance I (2000)
An object is found deep in outer space. The censequences are catastrophic.

Intolerance II – The Invasion (2001)
Only Dwigth Hokum knows tha the Zogs have invidet Earth. Only he can save the planet. Watch as poor old Revend Hokum goes insane.

Intoletance III – The Final Solution (2004)
Do the Zogs realy exist? Two thousand years in tehe future the answer to this question is finally revealed.

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