Spiritworld 2: The Alien Kabbalah (2008)

Spiritworld 2: The Alien Kabbalah

Spiritworld 2: The Alien Kabbalah

Spiritworld Volume 2 is a new film by British Film Director Chris Everard. This feature Length Cinema Documentary exposes a race between Black Magicians to control the Souls of Mankind. Nostradamus, Eliphas Levi, Himmler, Joseph Smith of the Mormon Church & Aleister Crowley are all featured in this film – … and, For The First Time, Chris Everard Exposes How Ancient Magickal Texts Have Been Used to Contact Beings on Other Worlds!



11 Responses to “Spiritworld 2: The Alien Kabbalah (2008)”

  1. avs Says:

    I hate to be the bearer of possible bad news here but this film has never been put online at all. I mean where is it? Shouldn´t it be there if it had ever been put online in the first place? It isn´t available anywhere online and that tells me there´s an awful lot of probability that it either wasn´t finished in time or wasn´t meant to go online , or if it was finished in time so far very few people if any at all have commented about it.
    There have been numerous reports , all appearently coming from the same source masquerading under many guises stating that this film is available somewhere on the Internet. I have no idea where those rumours originate. It´s producers cannot even prove to me that the film can in fact be ordered from their own website.
    This comment is being published to clear away all bullshit stating that this film is ´publicly available´. It isn´t. If it was there´d be public talk about it , and there is none. So far there is talk about the film on several websites but that doesn´t make it public. It doesn´t prove anything either about somebody having seen something when people claim to have seen the movie.
    So I am not being rude , it´s only that it´s producers are appearently giving a whole bunch of awaiting viewers a hard time.
    My theory?
    My theory is that the film will most probably be released in 2010 or someplace next year , after volume 3 has been produced. Which means that volume 3. is of particular significance to Chris Everard if there is in fact any volume 3. My own theory is that very probably Chris Everard went into a state of absolute frenzy over finishing his film project in time. If he had failed to finish it , his single option would be a cover for a project which remains unfinished , explaining why nobody was able to view anything and why all the comments about people having viewed something on various websites seemed to originate from the same source , whatever source that was.
    So here you have it.
    There has never been any copy of Spirit World the Alien Kabbalah been released on ANY website whatsoever in ANY form under ANY circumnstances. If I sound like a dammer when I state this it´s because I´ve given up all further attempts at waiting for a possible release of this project on the Internet until the director decides to make another documentary and then most probably publishes this one before that documentary has been finished.
    If I can order this product from his website somehow myself then I´m wrong , if not I´m right , but until then I shall keep my doupts and it´ll be their bussiness to prove to other people that they had anything in mind about their project at all until then beyound publishing a poster on the http://www.enigmatv.com website. My advise to Chris Everard is to enable a feature on his website where people can also watch his documentaries for free. A lot of documentary makers are doing this today and it isn´t hurting their bussiness to my knowledge.
    I mean why make such a big mess and trouble out of one documentary if it was meant to be a sucess?

    No offense , hope this message has cleared out all the nonsense.

  2. avs Says:

    In other words there is a whole bunch of rumoured film projects out there that are said to be in circulation but which have either been cancelled or are no longer in production , such as Jaws 5. And until this film becomes available to more people than it has been until so far it´s producers and viewers won´t be able to prove to a third party that there is any documentary out there beyound Spirit World 1. unless they have an actual DVD copy of Spirit World 2.

  3. be-amuse Says:

    Here here! True to the facts… Enigma TV is over the top; their shot passed its target. The content of their stories is offensive to intellect, and if they can’t win smart, skeptic minds over soon enough, they are going to lose out. And that would be a shame. Socrates had Plato, but who does David Icke have (except a largely anonymous Chris Everard)?

  4. avs Says:

    be-amuse you´re wrong.
    I´m only waiting until the film gets available on the Internet and not for a comment from a ´Bin Laden Did It´type of figure.
    There is nothing insulting to my intellect that Enigma TV produces.
    If you find your origins to be insulting to your intellect then do not conduct research into your past which I´ve done.
    I appear to have thought about the possibility of this film having been cancelled but I should obviously not have made any comment on that since that would have been announced had such a cancelling ever taken place.
    So let´s be cool and wait until the film gets released.

  5. avs Says:

    there are a few videos of spirit world alien kabbalah available now on youtube.com

  6. Chris Says:

    It’s available on Esoterictube.com

    I saw it from start to finish 2 hr 22 min.

    Was v v interesting.

  7. All my films are available from my official website. I have had several torrents and video sharing websites shutdown because they re-edited my films. You can subscribe to THE ENIGMA CHANNEL and watch dozens of TV shows and documentaries covering subjects which are often censored from video sharing websites. Please remove the offensive comments and innacurate slander on this blog.

  8. danamon Says:

    you can watch it on youtube. ^_^

  9. AL Says:



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