The Ring of Power 2: Monkey Blood (2009)

Ring of Power 2: Monkey Blood

Ring of Power 2: Monkey Blood

Creationists believe that the human race was created by God, which means that God genetically engineered us. Most believers would agree that God is a being or an energy not of this planet or of this dimension. God must therefore be an alien. Many of the ancient texts talks of God’s who came to Earth from the heavens, and created man in their own image. In the Bible’s Book of Genesis, the Gods are described as giant beings called the Nephilim, or fallen ones. The Egyptians, Phoenicians, Chaldeans, Mayans, Aztecs, Areians, Assyrians, and the inhabitants of Ancient Indian Tibet, have all recorded the arrival of Gods from the heavens, in their ancient writings.

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9 Responses to “The Ring of Power 2: Monkey Blood (2009)”

  1. grace powers Says:

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  2. grace powers Says:

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  3. brandon chapman Says:

    I’m sorry, but your logic is flawed. Just because humans have 250 genes that aren’t found in any other species, doesn’t equate to it coming to an extra-terrestrial source! You are skewing facts! Why? Are you aware of this?

    The 250 genes could have (most likely) were mutated in the process of evolution. If all our genes were identical to monkeys, we would be monkeys. We’re the pinnacle of evolution. It makes sense for us to have unique genes!

    This is psuedo-science, with an seems. Is that agenda solely to make money off of fooling people? Is there another reason?

    Can you seriously tell me that you are making a logical jump concluding that since no other species has these 250 genes, it must come from an extra-terrestrial source?!

    That makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER!!

  4. brandon chapman Says:

    Also, you may interpret the ancient writings as meaning that gods literally came from the sky, etc…but I’ve always, ever since I was young, interpreted it as astrological stories.

    Even the bible makes astrological references. People did not know many things in the past. We’re curious creatures. Must know, or else go crazy. Wise men studied the celestial bodies in the sky, worshiped them as gods, and wrote stories of them.

    They seemed to speak metaphorically. Keep in mind that before writing was invented, stories were told orally. I think the main reason for metaphors was to pack in many sources of information into one story. They talked simultaneously about the celestial bodies, while teach morals learned over time. Using metaphors, drawing several connections, strengthens the memory. Easy to remember!

    Logical, simple. K.I.S.S.

  5. Boom Boom Says:

    “People did not know many things in the past. We’re curious creatures”

    Building huge pyramids and builing te,ples with stone even cranes today would struggle with…. thats not done by people who did not know many things!!

  6. salty nuts Says:

    my balls have over seven hundred wrinkles does that mean i have monkey balls I have always wonder about that

  7. Christopher Ruble Says:

    Anybody who uses the term “psuedo-science” to discredit somebody is essentially saying that all opinions, theories, and experimentations not approved by the institutions are wrong. These are the same people who think that all opinions which differ from the government’s “official” position are “crazy conspiracy theories.” Our history books hold less truth than any average science-fiction novel. Our entire nation is built on lies. Science is no different. You want logic?

    We have been lied to about wars, our economy, terrorism, global trading, the Native Americans, vaccines, medications, food contamination, our water supply, Nazi associations, assassinations, arms dealing and supplying, drug trafficking, corporations, religion, and on and on and on.

    How much do you REALLY know about yourself? How much do you know about ANYTHING from your own discoveries or thoughts? Let me guess…nothing? All you know is what you’ve been told, and the longer you live the more you realize this is all a game wrapped up in an experiment. You are the test subjects. You’re right, you are a monkey, but only metaphorically…trapped in a cage you cannot see and refuse to even think about. Every time you trust any information given to you by the State a part of your soul dies.

    Religion is stealing your mind and rigid science has stolen your soul. If nothing changes most of us will be walking around with no purpose at all except to serve and obey, just a part of the GDP. That’s how most citizens are right now. Pseudo-Science, ha, it’s all fake. Everything the “real scientists” know now will one day be transcended, discredited, or be recognized as propaganda ordered by the government to keep the sheep unaware of their own nervous systems.

    Just as we are now seeing the government and corporations being exposed, we will soon see troubling information about our own existence and understand that basically everything we now consider “common knowledge” is very much subject to change.

  8. Tell the Truth Says:

    Preach Mr. Ruble, Preach
    You said it all, glad to know not everyone is sheeple, lol

  9. Vera Storm Says:

    Try living away from all this gross manipulation of the masses and watching it from a distance. I have lived in a remote South American country for nearly 30 years because I detested being part of a system that was quite obviously being “managed” by an overwhelming and unseen force. I watched from the sidelines as people were co-erced into borrowing money and living beyond their means – huge shopping malls with every single item possibly imaginable available to all – no obvious personal control was exercised – just sheeple following the trends dictated to them by the media, the banks, the cc companies and worst of all the suppliers who shamelessly took their money…and it still goes on..

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