A Trip Into The Supernatural (1982)

Roger Morneau

Roger Morneau

Roger Morneau talks about his younger years when he was just out of the Naval Academy in Montreal, Canada. He met up with a close friend from the academy who introduced him to a life in Spirit Worship in a secret society. He would later learn that what he thought was just Spirit Warship was something much more sinister, and was actually demon warship.

Roger Morneau was involved in demon worship, lived in that world for many months, and escaped alive. He is able to give us inside information about it.  Roger was elected to be a member of an elite group of demon worshipers.

You will be amazed at Roger’s accounts of supernatural encounters, and the detailed manifestation of Satan’s (Lucifer) own secret agenda to set up a “one world government” before his return. An extraordinary evil agenda enrooted in the centuries leading up to the industrial age, and beyond!

Interview with the famous author of the book titled the same.




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