BBC: The Hunt for Higgs (2012)

The Hunt for Higgs

The Hunt for Higgs

The “God particle”, hailed as the holy grail of physics, may have been glimpsed for the first time. The hunt for Higgs is part of a much grander search for how the universe works. It promises to help answer questions like why we exist and is a vital part of a Grand Unified Theory of nature.

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  1. Electron Space-The Conduit to Advanced Technology! The other way that scientists will discover how the universe works and how particles move in space is to develop a computer program capable of mapping the inside of an atomic particle. Science has decided to build huge particle accelerators like the one at CERN. However, this research will finally reveal new information worthy of further exploration but the secret of success will not come in this way but rather by developing a computer program that is capable of mapping the inside of an atomic particle.

    Elements possess varied electron conduction properties. Scientists must first select an element or combination of elements such as sodium chloride (NACL) for example, where the electron conduits are large and easier to map. In elements with larger “E. Conduits” the electrons are moving at relative slower speeds. Water (H2O) has huge electron conduits and slow moving electrons but because of its fluidity it is unstable and so would be an impediment for experimentation. So, whatever substance is selected, the electrons must be numerous and slow moving as this undertaking requires stable and consistent computer measurement. Every geometrical formation that exists within the atomic particle must be charted. These geometrical formations will prove to science that other dimensional particles are intersecting particles that exist within our spectrum of perception or dimension.[more…]

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